The Greyt Clown! Contest Winner at Under The Big Top

Greyhounds... Greyhounds

For centuries Greyhounds have download olymp trade for laptop been bred to hunt by outrunning their prey. They are second only to the cheetah in speed and in full stride are breathtaking! Greyhounds have the body of an athlete and the grace of a dancer.

The need to think fast to avoid accidents while running is an indication of their intelligence; of their amazing adaptability and http://www.olymptrade.net.br/download/ self reliance. Quick minds and quick bodies go together. Historically, dogs unknown to each other hunted together. As a result, aggressiveness has been eliminated. Greyhounds are friendly, affectionate dogs who thrive on attention and human companionship. They will love you as an equal without fawning.

These dogs have a coat like warm velvet, soft, hug- gable and virtually non-allergenic, which radiates heat off their bodies. Because of their fine coat and lack of body fat, Greyhounds are comfort- able anywhere the owner is comfortable: in the heated or air conditioned house, on the couch, bed or in a soft, plump corner of their own.

The Greyhound has a wonderful temperament, friendly and refined; as gentle with children as they are affectionate with adults. They are empathetic and social by nature. This is a serene, mannerly breed blessed with an olymptrade.net.br/download/ advanced sense of humor as those who have adopted a Greyhound from the track would heartily agree.